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Best Gym Deals Sydney CBD - Where to get Best Gym Deals in Sydney CBD?

Indoor bike trainer. You have seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Now it is time to experience one of Sydney's most iconic fitness destinations. With all the glitz and glamour that Sydney has to offer, there is no better place to be to make sure you are taking care of your fitness.

Whether you are a celebrity superstar like the famous name our centre is named after, or a regular fitness goer, the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre has something for everyone. Despite enriching your life, fitness can be like the stock market. Re-ergising your fitness routine can put your health portfolio back on track and it will help you keep health and fitness keep going UP and UP and UP!

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The Regenesis Fitness LocalGroupDeal will help Re-energise your fitness this year upwards while keeping your costs down. For beginners, a casual membership pay-per-visit sessions, or buying a visit pass, for example , gives you an opportunity to try it out a few times before making a larger financial and time commitment. You may also benefit from members' services such as a fitness assessment, induction instruction on how to use equipment correctly and having a program devised for you.

Another option is so-called 'no contract' memberships, which do in fact usually involve contracts — that is, you sign a contract to join up and authorise direct debit payments, but there's no fixed term.

However, be sure to check that there are no conditions or fees for cancelling your membership. Paying upfront for a month membership can get you a good deal — typically much better than a monthly debit arrangement.

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However, if the gym goes broke, you'll most likely lose the lot. If you sign up for 12 months and pay month-by-month, you're still locked into a month contract — and if you want to quit after six months or so, you'll still have to pay for the rest of the year, or at least pay a perhaps substantial penalty for breaking the contract.

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Also note that even if you sign a month contract, membership may continue beyond the 12 months, and your fees will still be deducted until you cancel it — check the contract for this. Gyms should not accept more than 12 months fees at a time, so don't pay more than this. Some get around this by offering a month contract with an additional six months 'free', making the month membership look like a better deal financially.

The atmosphere and clientele of a gym can make a big difference to your comfort and enjoyment.

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  5. It may help to visit at a time you're likely to be attending lunchtime, after work, Sunday mornings, whenever and check out the scene. If you're new to gyms, and you're not sure what a contract will look like and the sorts of things it covers, see if you can find the contract for the gym you're interested in online.

    If you can't, at least try looking at contracts for other gyms to see what sorts of things to look out for — google 'gym contracts'. Fitness Australia has various resources to help consumers with complaints about their gym. Start by writing a letter to the business concerned whether it's a gym or a personal training service or something else. There's a letter template available on its website.

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    If you get no joy from that, and your gym is a member of Fitness Australia, submit your complaint to Fitness Australia there's a form for that as well , and if it's still not resolved you should then take your complaint to your state fair trading office. In a competitive marketplace, with new gyms opening regularly, existing gyms may close down, leaving members in the lurch.

    Your gym may have contingencies in place for clients if it closes down. The contract for Virgin Active chain of gyms, for example, states that if your Home Club closes, you have the choice of transferring your membership to another Club, or terminating your membership on the day the Home Club closes. Some gym closures have left members no choice but to go to other branches, which may not be very convenient. Judging by the comments on its Facebook page which was quickly taken down this wasn't a popular option, and in any case, those gyms also closed down shortly afterwards.

    If you're lucky, nearby gyms not affiliated with the facility that has closed may offer to take on members as a goodwill gesture. However, you may be required to agree to a membership with that gym after your current contract expires. If you're not happy with the solutions offered by the gym, direct debit payments can at least be stopped — contact your bank. If you've paid upfront, you'll have to try to recoup your money from the company or its liquidator.

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    Contact your state fair trading department for advice. If you've paid with a credit card, you may be able to use chargeback to get a refund — though this only works for a limited time after you've paid. Top of the content. Gyms and gym membership. How to get a good deal on a gym membership Want to join a gym?