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Esters fruity, banana, spice and phenols clove, cinnamon are flavor by-products from the yeast.

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These attributes can be mimicked by the chef, using these ingredients in a dish to resonate these similarities. These five beer and food pairings bring out more flavors than what each individual element has to offer. How beer and food are expressed together for a pairing with the right amount of finesse generates a synergy between the chef and brewer and is critical to advancing beer cuisine.

Creating a strategy for the staff to understand the pairing and why and how the offering is designed is another level of service that is often not fully utilized. However, it is important to understand that this is a complex task and not as easy as it sounds. It is important to understand all the different elements of each beer style. If this process is not respected, the beer can be lost or perceived as an afterthought.

Looking at the beer style country of origin and using that as an inspiration for the dish or menu offering is a helpful start. Conversely, with the construction of a menu that is too singularly focused on one ingredient or flavor, the diner is left bored. The following exemplifies this point:. Not every diner is trained to be a beer judge.

Understanding off-flavors in beer is yet another element to be sensitive to, as these flavors are considered to be flaws in most beer styles. Diacetyl can taste like buttered popcorn, butterscotch, or artificial butter substitute and can have a resulting slick residue mouthfeel that coats the palate and is very undesirable. If a beer tastes of cooked cabbage or creamed corn, it could be dimethyl sulfide DMS.

Acetaldehyde tastes of green apple or ripe pear. To make it a touch confusing, some beers are made with apples or corn and these brews are not considered flawed. Leaving these ingredients or flavors out of a menu can greatly increase the respect of the beer and the eventual success of a pairing. Many brewpubs have flagship beers that are regularly featured.

This is a ripe opportunity for the chef and brewer to work together to develop beer pairings with menu items, giving the customer a guide to a better beer and food pairing. This addition to a standard menu can result in an increase in sales, as the server can offer half pours with each course, safely increasing the beverage tab while giving the guest an enhanced experience.

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Training servers to understand beer profiles and pairing options can set the restaurant apart from other establishments that just offer good to great beer. Many times a restaurant will have a wonderful menu and a great beer list, but the concept that these two elements are going to be combined to enhance each bite seems to be missing. This small attention to detail can create a unique experience that will educate the diner, providing them with something extra that they are bound to share with friends.

The way in which the beer is served can also be a distinguishing element to the identity of the pub or restaurant. The nuance to this detail is important, as the beers flavor can be hidden or lost, particularly if the course is only a few bites and the customer quickly drinks the small pour.

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Glassware is equally important. Thought should be given to not only the type of glass used to serve the style of beer, but also to how it is washed and rinsed, ensuring that no cleaning solution is left behind that can taint the brew. Taking the time to examine the small details of how a beer is crafted, how a menu is developed, or how an ingredient or flavor is showcased will refine how a beer and food pairing is experienced. By refining what we do and how we present it to our guests, we can create new flavor experiences that will generate memories, bringing customers back for more.

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First Time Logging In? Not a member? Join the Brewers Association for access to hundreds of resources and tools to help your business thrive. Skip to content. Share Post Share Email Tweet. Dissecting Ingredients Malt is an important element in a beer. Oysters paired with stout.

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In the wine world, champagne is used to add a bright element to bounce off salinity. With beer, the roast, astringent flavors of a stout mix with the salty, briny oyster and bring out a creamy texture to the bi-valve. This is very similar to mixing a pinch of salt into the ground beans when brewing a cup of coffee; the salt reduces the bitterness of the coffee. This sour ale has a unique reaction with the penicillin and ammonia aroma and flavor of blue cheese.

These distinctive qualities disappear from the cheese, as if the beer erases them. This opens up the taste buds to experience the fat from the milk. The texture almost melts onto the tongue, like whipped Chantilly cream, intensifying the Chardonnay and barrel characteristics of the beer. Foie gras butter poached sea scallops with candied kumquat, pea shoots, and Delirium Tremens sabayon paired with Scaldis.

I created this dish for the Toronado Belgian Beer Dinner.

The flavors marry with the Belgian golden strong and bring out the orange, candied citrus flavor, while showcasing the hops with the pea shoots and the esters in the beer with the sabayon sauce. Banana cream pie paired with hefeweizen. And then Wagamama brings it from bowl to soul. Visit the online eatery for the finest steaks and donburi stir-fried with prawn. Continue to the retailer's website, where you can do as below:.

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