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Limited hotspot access included for Performance Starter and below.

Comcast XFINITY Internet Deals & Promotions - October | MoneySavingPro

Available in select areas. Performance Pro Internet Restrictions apply.

Limited to Performance Pro Internet service. Equipment, installation, taxes and fees, and other applicable charges extra. Pricing subject to change. Blast Restrictions apply.

AT&T DIRECTV Bundle Deal – October 12222

Limited to Blast! Limited to Gigabit Internet service. Gigabit Pro Internet Restrictions apply. Limited to Gigabit Pro Internet service. Equipment, installation, taxes and fees, and other applicable charges extra, and subject to change during and after the term agreement. After term agreement, or if any service is cancelled or downgraded, regular rates apply subject to change. Xfinity Voice Unlimited Restrictions apply. Limited to Xfinity Voice Unlimited service. Equipment, installation, taxes and fees, including regulatory recovery fees, and other applicable charges extra.

If there is a power outage or network issue, calling, including calls to , may be unavailable. TV: Limited Basic service subscription required to receive other levels of service. Internet: Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Xfinity Home Secure Restrictions apply. Limited to Xfinity Home Secure service. Any other equipment not included with offer, installation, taxes and fees, and other applicable charges extra.

Requires subscription to compatible High-Speed Internet service.

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Visit xfinity. You may not like the Comcast phone options in your area, or you may not need their phone services at all. People in these circumstances only want to pay for Internet and TV, and Comcast is happy to oblige and bring in more customers. Typically, a Double Play option will be less expensive than trying to purchase both services separately, so it makes sense from a financial angle, too.

Yes, Comcast offers several different Double Play options. They vary primarily when it comes to Internet speeds and available channels. Internet speeds, however, have several tiers. The lowest starts at up to 6 Mbps for download speeds. However, it is sufficient for people who want Cable TV and just enough Internet service for email, social media, and website browsing. The next two, more competitive levels bounce between a maximum of 25 Mbps and 50 Mbps download speeds. These are both sufficient for many common Internet activities.

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  5. The 50 Mbps option is better for a larger family or multiple apartments where High Speed Internet and plenty of bandwidth is important. This guide should be true for many different areas, but is not a guarantee of service.

    Comcast Xfinity double play for $79.99 - existing customers for 12 months

    You may have more or fewer options in your area. Premier Double Play. Pre-authorized debit acknowledgement Email from Paypal [ Security ] by Cartel New rates and speeds [ Start. IOS Morac Cat god join Riverside, NJ Lucky you! How are you able to renew it for another 2 years at the same price?

    XFINITY From Comcast Deals: TV, Internet, and Phone Bundles

    Have same package but fees higher on MY side of Michigan and I have never - ever - been able to renew at the same price. My contract ends in Jan I always call Customer Loyalty and ask very, very nicely. I point out truthfully that I have been a customer since and have a stellar payment history and only rare service calls. Mention being a senior on social security Never a break, per se.

    Find the best internet and TV bundles in your area

    Doesn't help that my side of MI was in the cast off area a few years back when CC was going to merge and they still appear to treat us as such. And what gripes my goat is that the EAST side of the state has cheaper prices.

    Find the best Comcast XFINITY Internet service offers & pricing

    My local store is hiss poor unless one is just there to pay a bill. Thanks, though. Here in the Northeast, the Internet plan that gives you down only gives you 5 up. Anone Anon Nov am Prices for existing customers never as good as previous one.

    FureverFurry to Anone Premium Member Nov am to Anone said by Anone : Make sure they put it in records so you can still get available and change if you find a better rate at any tiimr. Nice idea but don't hold your breath that they will actually do that. Or "if" they do, the next CSR is most likely going to claim they can't find any documentation.

    Compare AT&T U-verse vs Xfinity (2018)

    If you're on a contract and find a lower rate, you would have to pay an ETF. You are allowed to downgrade without penalty though, even after 30 days.