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You have to combine it to allow it to be more unique. Please let me know if you have any specific questions about anything mentioned above.

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I actually shop more often at the more expensive grocery stores because there deals combined with coupons tend to be cheaper than stores with always low prices and less busy. Again, I rarely buy items that are not on sale with the exception of a few common items like green peppers, bananas, etc.

The Boston on Budget Staff works hard to bring you the best deals in and around the city. For spices and other items I might not use a lot of, I buy small quantities at a local ethnic grocer who sells them by the pound.

Let the enlightenment begin.

Great tip Colleen! I forgot about the ethnic grocery stores and they are a great way to save on certain items like spices! Thanks for sharing! It really adds up! Great tip!

Coupon Addict Saves Her Parents 80% On Massive Grocery Shop - Extreme Couponing

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