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Shares have basically traded flat since the deal was announced in the fall of But DirecTV lost 2. The number of subscribers dropped to Because of that bankers say if Stephenson were to unload it now, he would be lucky to recoup half of the purchase price. And the potential sale price of DirecTV could fall further if the Trump boycott effort proves even mildly successful.

And there is no guaranteeing that Dish, or any other suitor, will seek to buy an asset that is clearly declining in value.

Dish is seeking a partner to help build out and finance their current deal with T-Mobile and Sprint to create a fourth major wireless carrier, based on comments Ergen made Tuesday at the Goldman Sachs conference. Good suggestion to get a copy of the notes on my account. I think the real issue was that reps were not thoroughly reading the notes on my account and lazy.

That way you have records of what a representative told you, and you can also put a movie on or enjoy a drink while you chat. Let us know what happens.

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Being an x Att employee I know what is expected out of the customer service reps. Could use the gift card for a number of things needed for the new place. The guy got on the phone and was eating he put me on hold for 8 mins.

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After 8 mins. By the way I told the first lady next week Friday. So I had to explain no next week Friday and he put me on hold again for another 5 mins.

DIRECTV Review Is DTV Satellite TV Worth The Price?

Came back on and confirmed installation date, This all took about an hour. Come weds. I recieve an email stating by order was canceled.

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I called the toll free number and got some guy overseas who I couldnt understand and had to keep asking him to repeat himself slowly. He couldnt tell me why my order was canceled. Confirmed that he could place another order same everything and gift card, installation date etc…. Installation date came and the tech was very nice and all went well.

Breaking down DIRECTV Packages under 3 minutes.

One month later I called asking for my gift card we all know where this is going , another overseas person, call back in one week. I called back and did get a english speaking rep in the USA very nice said I should hear back by friday. I now go back another week later and did get another english speaking USA rep that put a rush on my concern.

So why is it that a new customer has to go thru all this treatment and why do I even have to wheel and deal for my gift card? I can not reccommend the service to anyone and I personally am very dispointed that Att would allow this treatment to customers. Same as Mike Matthews. Absolute worst experience I have ever had with a cable company… and we all know how low that bar is. I love the channel options you have, and the ability to get Sunday Ticket, but, I am seriously considering leaving Directv when my contract runs out next year. Both freeze up on me at least once a week, prompting me to reset them at least once a week.

I have had the Genie replaced twice, and the mini replaced once. That has been since June That is really sad…. Hey Jen, thanks for your thoughts! Out of curiosity, do you know which versions of the Genie and Genie Mini you have? Thanks, Trevor. I will follow your advice and reach out to Directv with this information.

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Worst customer service ever. We signed up for international and regular channels. Sales rep guarantee they were going to install only ONE antenna on our roof. We signed up under this condition.

When the technician finished his job, there were 2 antennas on our roof. They said they are not going to remove. We have to remove our own and pay for the damage on the roof. It makes me want to back out of the deal if that is possible. I never write reviews on anything, but my experience with DirecTV was so horrible that I feel obligated. After installation I never had any channels. I called times and they sent someone out twice and they never fixed it.

Finally after 3 months of not having cable and calling multiple times they finally realized my zip code in their system was for north carolina and not ohio which was why I was not getting service.

DIRECTV contracts

I would give this a 1 star. So where do I begin? I went to an authorized retailer my first mistake who signed me up and got me started. In the first month I was back at the retailer, Not knowing he was just a retailer, but anyways. So I walked in, Not upset just confused. So he said he would…. So I called the number, They credited me, and turned it back on.

Everything was great again right? Like uh what???? So I went back in to the store, second time in the same month They found two other people on the same account as me!! How does that even happen? Great everything is good again right? LOL no. I called in and the computer tells me I have a past due amount and I need to pay my bill before he can help me. SO I asked for a representative and I was put on hold for 20 min before I decided to give up on talking to anyone human.

I am so upset I could cry! The first thing that irritated me about DirectTV was them not reusing equipment I already paid for.

CBS Stations Go Dark on AT&T’s DirecTV, U-verse Platforms Amid Contract Battle

Just another way to nickel and dime you. Not to mention I was on the phone with several representatives prior to my move and not one of them said I had to turn it in to the office I received it from. I called several times to see where the boxes were and was told each time they were on their way…. Thank you DirecTV. I will never do business with you again nor will I ever recommend you to anyone else.

Most dishonest company I have ever worked with. Promises made but after installation last week found out what I was promised is not actually included and will need to pay more to get what I was promised. Not happy! We recommend getting a copy of this if possible to hold the company accountable. That is the only thing advantage that Directv has over Dish. I was a long time 5 years customer of Directv.