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The white wall shot doesn't have a comparison either, so it's hard to tell if it's as floody as the tm Without more details it's hard to tell how similar the two are. I'm surprised there isn't a detailed review out there directly comparing the both, seeing as they're so similar. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. This was posted 6 years 11 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal. Go to Deal. If I use 'ideal' conversion rates like you have I didn't, just what eBay shows me, not my own conversion, the price you pay on eBay… I'm more curious about the coupon code, what else can you use it for?

I bought a lumen one just then… I wonder how bright lumen is…. Goinggear is a good store though, have bought from them many times. Now, to get some batteries! My iphone is lm!! LOL and it comes free with the phone i found!!! Skyray may not be able to run on 1 x in emergencies will test mine tonight No light ring around the switch Not sure about waterproof level of Skyray The colour may appear slightly different under certain light :- I will admit I like the extra features of the Nitecore e.

Hi, my name is Ben and I'm a flashaholic. Branko, could you comment on the runtime and the other bits above? Related Products. Follow Us Add-ons. Happy Hopping , May 8, May 8, 2.

Messages: 10, Joined: Jan 1, May 8, 3. Messages: 13, Joined: Aug 16, Those pics are just a wee bit exaggerated. LED flashlights are really nice though. Even the led flashlights you can get from Harbor Freight with a buy something get a free something coupon would be way way way more than you need to just look inside a dark spot in a computer. I have about 15 or so of them.

I buy a lot from Harbor Freight. May 8, 4. Okay guys, say you are under a desk, and there is virtually no light.

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ANd you need to shine the entire PC or say you drop something on the floor, how many Luman do you need? Then there is this ebay bid about this Boruit brand, which is a generic china brand. I can't find a website stating the actual Lumen. Last edited: May 8, May 8, 5. May 8, 6. XML T6 is Cree's model number of the bulb. They are two completely different products.

The E17 is a fake product being sold by many sites , including amazon. May 8, 7.

Messages: 1, Joined: Apr 3, May 8, 8. I also used this one for while until I left it on a job and haven't bothered to replace it. It worked ok. May 8, 9. And somehow the battery is by Ultrafire. May 8, Messages: 46, Joined: Dec 15, Dangman , May 8, Okay, what's the Luxman value of your Nexus 5's? May 11, And it's LM, I assume that is bright enough.

Happy Hopping , May 11, Messages: Joined: May 22, SRTie4k , May 11, May 18, Messages: 40 Joined: Aug 12, I have quite a few flashlights and use them often.

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What I have found is ones like you can get at Sams club with the thee AAA cells to run it are pretty cheap and sometimes have bad color. It is a lumen light and has a good white color. Many of the others tended to be in the bluer ranges and were harder to see with. One feature I really like with the Nitecores and really many of the led lights now is the dim light feature. Sometimes the light is just too bright and you can turn the bezel a little to get a much dimmer but very usable amount of light.

I dont use the strobe much but its handy if your looking at something moving like a fan blade.

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To get back to your question the lens they use helps give the flashlight more throw. Think of it like a laser vs a floodlight. It has a purpose but for the most part up close you will want to find a light that has a plain clear lens with a good reflector. Adding a lens that shapes the light like that isnt always the best thing. Last edited: May 18, The UI switcharoo should have been more carefully considered. The S1 is nearly small enough to wear on a neck chain and it should sport the UI to go with it. You need to lift the clip a tad to slide the o-ring through.

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Yes, solid Cu. I bought mine at kaidomain.

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Originally Posted by Speedfreakz. Originally Posted by jswe. These fit without any problems. Owner - Going Gear. I always hated mode memory because I could never remember what mode I left the light in. It usually took me about 10 minutes to forget what mode I had previously been in.


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Now my light forgets with me. How close is the color of the two when viewed in person? Also, I know copper is heavier than brass but does the copper light feel any heavier than the brass light? Originally Posted by andrewnewman. Originally Posted by apisdorf. Good questions: the Brass is still a week or two out but I'll be sure to post when I have it in hand; it should be yellower than the PVD Cu.

At 71 grams for the Cu the Brass should be about 65 grams; I doubt it will be noticeable. Both are nearly twice the weight of the Ti 42 grams without battery. These numbers are measured on a kitchen scale and are pretty close to Olight's quotes.

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