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The friends menu is where you can get honor points.

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It may cost 3 energy but win or loose you will get honor points. Here is a list of what those items are. Try to get any of them so your heroes can be the greatest. Each attribute can be paired up to a specific hero for it to become stronger. They need to stay healthy and dodge attacks for them to heal the party to survive.

Healer Ophelia. Healer Amelia. Healer Rebecca. They do the damage the most so it is better if the can attack faster with high dexterity and stronger with critical damage attacks.

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Dealer Asmodeus. Dealer Ninja Hanjo. Dealer King Toad. They are on the front line so they will be attacked the most and it is better if they can attack when hit without waiting for your turn. They already have high defenses, but now they need to know how to strike back when they are stricken. Tank Harold. Tank Eric. Tank Mrs. Usually you equip this with dealers or hybrids, but mostly dealers since they hit hardest.

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  • Dealer Superstar Talisa. Dealer Aaron Bridgnorth. Hybrid Baron Malkavian. Always make sure the attributes of the items you want to equip. This will make the item worth equipping if you choose the accurate hero for it. Status effects are actually good in battling stronger enemies. Some players think that attacking head on with brute force is the way to go. It will take longer if you keep getting knocked out.

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    I suggest taking it nice and slow to not overwhelm yourself. Making an enemy blind will lessen his attack power, so less damage will be dealt on you. This will give you the upper hand in winning the battle. A stunned enemy will have a stars symbol above its health bar.

    You can claim all the gifts as soon as you receive them in the gift box. It will give you more than the usual amount of the things that you need, making you able to play longer.

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    • Be sure to accept the gifts that are given to you. The gifts will be deleted if not claimed within a given period. You can check the claim period of the items upon viewing your gift box inside your messages. Stamina, Energy. Recharge your stamina, energy and the revival of your knocked-out heroes at the same time. Recharge your stamina and Energy.


      Collect your items first and craft them before giving them to your heroes. You can equip items to your heroes but they will be deleted once you try to replace them. Craft 6 items to get an accessory. If you have a good item, you can wait for better items and craft them to make a more powerful accessory that your hero can use. Strong accessories will come up when crafting items. You can equip items to your hero if you think that it is not rare and can be deleted over time since you can find a better item to replace it. When your heroes are at an earlier level, when knocked out, it is better to choose the free revival.

      You will need your gold for later levels so it is wise to save them early during the game. Since Ophelia is in a low level, you can use free revive. It will only take 12 mins. Upgrading your hero at an early level is good for your party. Not only will it make your heroes stronger but will also make it easier for you to get pass levels in the game. Upgrade your heroes early to make them stronger. Join a guild, guilds may not do anything much but it will help you get more friends which means it will get you more honor points by assisting them.

      Joining guilds will help you gain friends for honor points. Save up heroes that have the same star rating for they will be useful when it is time to fuse. Be sure to get them to level 30 so that when you fuse them a new hero will come out, with a higher star rating, and can go up to level This will help when you get to the hell stages and later levels in dungeon for the enemies are stronger.

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      Fuse identical heroes to get the same hero back but stronger. Choose the hero whose rating is from master to legend to be your party leader. They have better attributes for your party rather than normal and rare heroes. If you still do not have a master hero, just use what you have. Choose your party leader with the best attribute.

      You can earn carats fast from completing quests that specifically give you carats. There are quest when completed give you carats. In fighting in a boss raid, it is better to create a team that are heavy hitters. You would get killed before you can even heal.

      Besides, in a boss raid, the only thing that matters is doing a lot of damage and scoring points to get higher in the rankings for better rewards. Always remember to insert another players name as referral to claim your free carats. Promo codes for the carats was only given before fincon launched Hello Hero for the first time. Insert referral name or promotional code here. Conserve your carats from the start so that you can save up to buy the royal hero package.

      Now, depending on the kind of code, we will go one way or the other, first I will show you how to redeem a EC Code , for that we have to go to the Buy El Coins section of the User Control Panel we see when we log in, and press Buy 1. Then, we will go to the Redeem coupon 1 section and click Gameforge 2 ,. Note : Payment methods, offers, currency and others might be different but you should be able to see the Redeem coupon - Gameforge option.

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      Then, all you have to do is fill the Coupon code field 1 and hit that Check coupon! It might be worth mentioning that this code usually is a 5 part code, separated with -, each part has 4 characters and it can be any letter A-Z or number Now, we will learn how to redeem Item Codes like the codes that were given away on the Advent Calendar this needs to be done via the Voucher code section of the User Control Panel we see when we log in, so we will fill the Voucher code field 1 and hit redeem 2.

      Usually Item Codes are a 4 part code, separated with -, each part has 5 characters and it can be any letter A-Z- or number This will then move you to the Voucher code page, were we can see the code we have introduced 1 , and we will get to pick to which character of our account the item s will be delivered 2 , once we have done that we just need to click Redeem 3 and the items will be delivered to our character!

      And that's it! Easy, right? Now enjoy your codes and have fun. We are receiving reports about SCAM attempts, which promise you to get Elcoin for free after submitting your account data on some pages. Please report any kind of such activity directly to our Support.