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Comments A car's motor oil needs to be changed at regularly scheduled intervals set by the manufacturer. Changing oil regularly is an essential part of basic car maintenance. Typical costs:.

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Independent shops and retail chains tend to be less expensive than dealerships. Synthetic oil is artificially made, and it is often used in high-performance engines which experience more demanding use. Synthetic blends can handle higher temperatures and last longer between oil changes.

Oil changes involve more parts than just the oil itself. Included in the cost of any oil change is the cost of labor, the oil, shop supplies, an oil filter and any associated gasket, O-rings or seals, plus the cost of disposing of the used oil. Labor is not charged in the same way that is for other repair jobs. At most shops, oil changes are paid to the technician at a rate of two- or three-tenths of an hour.

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Oil-change intervals vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and some new cars can go more than 7, miles between oil changes [ 6 ]. However, many older vehicles will need their oil changed every 3, miles. Consumer Guide Automotive lists each manufacturer's recommended oil-change interval [ 7 ].

Additional costs:. Additional costs are rarely incurred during an oil change, unless other problems with the car are found and the consumer chooses to approve the repairs, or if the consumer chooses to add other maintenance to the repair order. Many shops include a free inspection as part of an oil change.

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This is done to discover potential problems with the car, but it also allows the shop to sell the customer additional repairs. The service advisor or technician might also look at the car's maintenance history and recommend any routine maintenance that hasn't been performed. Repair shops and dealerships frequently offer coupons on oil changes.

Shopping for an oil change:. The biggest difference between dealerships and independent shops is that dealerships focus on models from one brand, while independent shops handle various makes and models. Dealerships sometimes charge slightly more than independent shops and chains. Many consumers choose to comparison shop based on price and coupons. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, a non-profit trade group for technicians and other automotive service professionals, has a searchable directory of certified shops [ 9 ].

CostHelper News. There is an entire industry that caters to die-hard sports fans, providing all the comforts of home in a parking lot setting.

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    Mobil One full synthetic. DIY vs. I would do it my self if I knew really expensive. Synthetic oil change. Mechanic or Shop:. Best Accessories for Automobile Exterior 18oz. Over time, parts lose their lubrication and start to suffer from friction and grind together - these slippery substances help to overcome that. Use the included straw for precise application. It's a concentrate so just dilute properly and you'll have tons of lube.

    Quick oil change and oil change coupons by Lubricar, a Jiffy Lube International franchisee. The two main dry lubricants are graphite and molybdenum disulfide. Bell Performance engine lubricant and engine oil treatment for reduced friction and increased protection for your engines and equipment. We like to pay special attention to details and make sure your vehicle is as clean as possible. It resists water and tolerates temperatures up to Kwik Kar specializes in a point oil change, covering all the aspects necessary for preventative maintenance on your vehicle.

    Evolved from many years of extensive tests and field experiences, our lubricants deliver excellent engine performance and cleanliness. The car was instantly quieter, smoother and more powerful. The Lubricants Division of Total is synonymous to technology and innovation in the automotive sector worldwide.

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    Try the vehicle search or select your vehicle in the menu below: Silicone lubricant is great for restoring rubber and plastic parts. OILSD can offer lubricants, greases, additives and chemicals for the automotive and motorbike industry, goods transport, Car Care Clinic offers a full range of automotive services and is all about customer relations, friendliness, and top quality professional service. They should be fine for the life of the vehicle.

    Car shampoo can work, but I agree it can cause clay to break down quicker than desired. They were Our over-the-road tests prove that Cenex lubricants provide superior engine protection, cleaner emissions, extended oil drains and better overall performance.

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    It is safe for use on nylon, plastic and other materials. The key to keeping vehicles running well today and down the road is routine maintenance. It is good to have on hand when you want to get creative. Kwik Kar Frisco can easily handle any sized repair services Kwik Kar's operations are fully automated, ensuring your car is serviced with both precision and efficiency each time you visit.

    The heavy-duty engine oil from FEG is the best motor oil to get for your diesel and petrol engines. Designed to help protect and extend the life of transaxle, rear axle and differential gears, our conventional and synthetic gear lubes provide outstanding protection, even in some of the most extreme operating conditions. Offered products are accessible at pocket friendly rates and within the defined time frame.

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    About Car Engine Lubricant Industry : A comprehensive analysis of the Car Engine Lubricant Market including market size, market share by the competitor, market share by marketing channel, drivers, restraints, product rating trends, trade quotations, company profiles and market forecasts to for the global market. Image Penetrating Lubricant. Lincoln Town Car oils, fluids, and lubricants available in our store feature the quality you can trust and will help you keep your vehicle in good workable condition. I recommend cleaning off the silicone spray and apply a little lithium grease or wheel bearing grease to the seat tracks.

    Remove distributor cap, wipe with a dry rag if soiled and then spray with RP7. Our special network of Distributors are committed to delivering the highest quality products, advanced technology, and attention to detail to help your business operate with efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership.

    The clay lubricant provides a slippery coating between the clay bar and the paint to protect the paint from grit picked up by the clay. In engines, there are parts which move against each other, and the friction wastes otherwise useful power by converting the kinetic energy to heat. Drivers across the nation trust only Cenex products to keep their cars and light trucks safe, maintenance-free and most importantly, on the road.