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Bring the real You. Be Treated like Royalty! Break from Routine Best way to unwind totally and de-stress yourself. Manage Chronic Conditions Massage Therapies offer superior benefits for pain management. Deep Tissue Massage Therapists expertise eases muscle tensions and cramps. What Clients Say Client's Words. I love spa world.

With a Groupon it is a very reasonably priced experience. Also… the perfect hangover cure! Enjoy being naked with your closest friends and strangers in various heated pools and a cold pool but honestly why would you do that to yourself??? Enjoy wearing a ridiculous outfit as you pass out on mats clustered on a heated floor. Eat some delicious food or share a boba with friends. Sweat or shiver in saunas and cold rooms. One of my favorite places in the DMV area. After a long week of office work and workouts, everyone deserves to have a relaxing time.

Disclaimer: you have to be nude in the wet area. No clothes allowed. But if you want to just relax and not worry about anything then this place is amazing. I enjoy it all- the rooms, the hot pools, the sauna, the steam room, their fitness room, and the deliciously steaming hot best bimbibop ever, which I get every time. Spa world has become a tradition for me. It definitely feels like you escaped and went out of the country, a good way to relax without any distractions.

Some people think nude spa definitely not! So worth the money! Even the restaurant is amazing! Everything is very clean too! You can get deals on Groupon for entry and for the spa packages! Great treat for you and a girlfriend!

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If you are a bathhouse newbie and toy so happen to grab or be the recipient of a groupon or living social deal for spa world this is what toy heed to know. Is plentiful and free but remember this is a fairly busy strip so you may have to look for a spot. The spa is 24 hours. Spoiler alert: this was not the case -- probably because we live in New York, not in a cartoon. Spa Castle horror stories muddying the local bathhouse industry be damned.

I decided that I had to go. The Baths, which are open days a year, are co-owned by two men who alternate weeks because they refuse to work together.

Get your shvitz on at NYC's best bathhouses

One owner, David Shapiro alongside his son, Dmitry Shapiro, the general manager , is set on bringing the bath business into the 21st century, and has introduced electronic bookkeeping, Facebook, Twitter, and Groupon and LivingSocial deals. Boris Tuperman, the other owner, is old-school and a bit of an enigma.

Utility and maintenance costs are shared, but profits are not. The interactions come to a head in comments laced with passive aggressive undertones. Far from hurting business, the rivalry has arguably fueled public interest. Dmitry insists there is no juicy story worth going into detail about, but the mystery remains a good conversation piece.

At any rate, this was a David Week. After checking my valuables in with the receptionist, she pointed me to the changing rooms. Literally, it was a barebones space lined with tall grey lockers where I swapped my winter layers for a thin black robe and beige plastic slippers.

Marlboro Banya,

The same way I checked-in my iPhone and wallet, mobsters would unburden their holsters at the front desk. Down in the shvitz, they insisted that masseurs and attendants be deaf-mutes, to keep prying ears as far above ground as possible. Cops were involved in a uniformed way a handful of times, too. One couple ultimately moved out when they cracked an egg in their bathtub and watched it fry.

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The building may have been heating up, but for many years, business was lukewarm. By the s, bathhouses around New York had been taken up by the gay community as sex clubs and spaces for entertainment Bette Midler and Barry Manilow both performed at the Continental Baths , a popular spa at 74th and Broadway.

Meanwhile, at that time, the 10th St Baths were owned and managed by Al Modlinz, a man remembered solely by his unimpeachable rudeness. This establishment was hardly the type to inspire interest from the gay community. When the AIDS crisis washed over the country, it took the bathhouses in its wake. By , there were only a handful still in business, and in the early s the 10th St Baths became the sole survivor. In its reign as last bath standing, the 10th St Baths began to build a weighty repertoire of A-list regulars. Sinatra, Murray, Ackroyd. Leary, Kennedy , Jagger.

Even Gorbachev shvitzed here at least once. The tradition of mega-celebrity has carried on into The David-Boris era brought about some additions and renovations, ultimately shaping what the bathhouses look like today. Below the upstairs restaurant, reception, and locker rooms is the downstairs bath area.

There are five rooms -- the Redwood Sauna, the Turkish Room, the Aromatherapy Room, the Russian Sauna, and the Steam Room -- as well as a row of showers, massage booths, and a cold plunge pool. I started my afternoon in this electrically heated banya , easing into the bathhouse headspace with the pleasant scent of warm cherry wood.


I appreciated the cabin feel of the wood-panelled walls and ceiling, but became anxious to unlock the moisture from my pores, and so I went in search of something a little more taxing. The next stop was the Steam Room, a tile-lined room about the size of a walk-in closet.

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Serving up a good, clean, comfortable moisture, this well-lit wet sauna puts you in intimate proximity to strangers. Seating six people comfortably, your conversation becomes theirs, and vice-versa. You chatter about the baths and the news. Soon after, I was lured into the Aromatherapy Room, which breathed out a nerve-calming bouquet of essential oils at every open and close of the door. I inhaled lavender and closed my eyes for a few moments on the white bank that wrapped along the edge of the long and narrow room. People resorted to standing around when the bench filled up, and a group of young men rabble-roused at the far end of the room.

Maybe Jonathan Ames, another bathhouse regular , was writing me into his next book. In the Turkish Room -- a tiled steam room with three narrow tiers arranged in an inward-facing semi-circle -- all eyes were directed at the entrance. I watched groups of two and three flow in and cast about for open seating. The Russian Room is where you go to get the wind knocked out of you.